FlamingFemme is a radical approach to the interview genre

Self-published by Billington in 2016, FlamingFemme flaunts a dynamic aesthetic of post-punk-feminist meets kitsch, and is the product of an ongoing visual collaboration with graphic designer Alexander Beraza.

The six interviewees featured are Michelle Yue, Darcey Steinke, PANMELYS, Iona Kewney, and Ene-Liis Semper. Topics include fashion, literature, painting, dance and performance art.

Featuring some of the greatest women artists of the last twenty years, each conversation offers exclusive insights into the role of gender in the arts practice--from initial conception to the navigation of institutional opportunities. Many of the artists featured felt that their sex in no way limited their opportunities, but was rather a source of power and inspiration. 


Satirical reflections on the food-beverage industry, for FreePressHouston

In 2017, Billington was brought on as a culture writer and social influencer with the offices of FreePressHouston and Day For Night Festival. She attended cultural events, scouted venues for features and conducted interviews with local musicians. 

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Discussing Feminist Literature, for Brazos Bookstore

Billington talks fiction and pedagogical texts alongside other feminist artists.

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